Hi Drew,
Just wanted to let you know that we are still talking about your performance at the Glove Theatre on Saturday. Each and everyone of you were wonderful. My husband and I volunteer at the Glove to try to bring it back to its Glory Days. What a beautiful place it was in the 60's when I would go to Saturday matinee's as a young child. Thanks to you we all can keep the dream alive.
Keep up the good work. You now have two new fans and can't wait to see you all again.
please come back again. thank you to all,
Kathy & Donald Peeler

Hello Drew,
Bernadene & I both agree that the SHOW was nothing less
than 5 STAR ! we were both in absolute AWE !
   YOU and the Fasinations plus Little Egypt, captured ELVIS in LIVE Performance so accurately /  at times in the SHOW Bernadene & I thought we were in VEGAS at the INTERNATIONAL HOTEL ! YOU have the Elvis LOOK / SOUND & CHARISMA,  so lacking in most TRIBUTE Performers & the Ladies add that
Las Vegas / Branson Sparkle !
   When we thought the BEST of the night was completed !
You returned to the Stage in an EXPLOSION
of EXCITEMENT performing AMERICA !
 You TOUCHED us,

Hi Drew and Donna,
The girls and I visited Mom tonight, of course, she started talking about your show and got all teared up. You made her feel so special and the entire night was phenomenal for her. Tiffany and Stacy are flying back to MN tomorrow night and I'm heading to Alabama Friday or Saturday, the show was a great kind of final "making a special memory" night. Thanks again for making her feel as special as she is and always has been.
Hi Drew, just want to thank you again for that fabulous saturday night in Clifton Park. I haven't been that happy or laughed so much in quite a while and your show is something every one should get to see at least 25 to 50 times if not more. My kids couldn't have given me anything better and I thank them for it. May God bless you all for the happiness you bring to so many and for the extra mile you all go. Hoping to see you all again soon I'll close with Love, Joan

Hi this is Angie... I would just like to say thanks to you and the girls again... The show was wonderful and my mother was very surprised and estatic about you being there... She loved the performance so much she called me three times to say thank you tonight... She said that this was the best day that she has ever had in her life and you helped make it that way... Just another thank you. Your loyal fan,

I just wanted to tell you how much I ENJOY watching Drew ... he is SOOOO talented, and it is truly a privilege to say that I know him on a personal level.  I'm proud to be connected to him in any way, even though its a roundabout through his big sister.
 I had a great time.   Let's do it again!   
 Patti Ann

Dear Drew,

God has blessed me since I was born and every time I thought I was sinking he pulled me up. Well when he had Paul get in touch with you for my big surprise, he really pulled me up because I didn't even know I was sinking, but he did. You and the family will never know the blessing he gave me when he brought you all into my life but let me tell you it was a very, very special one. 

     I knew I loved the song, "If That Isn't Love", the first time I heard you sing it in Glens Falls and then when your Gospel CD came out I was so happy that song was on it. I play your CD every morning and thank you for it. It has drawn me closer to My God that keeps taking care of me. I wanted you to know, this year you all are what I'm thankful for and I ask God to bless you all and lead you in the way you should go.

                          All my love to you and Donna, Joan