Frequently Asked Questions


 How long will the show last?

There is a standard line of tribute shows that can be augmented to fit your type of venue and time frame. Drew's shows can range from a Vegas style show with lights, costumes, dancers, back-up singers and live music to just a quick appearance by Elvis with a couple of songs. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

How long do you need to set up?

Set up time depends on the type of show you choose. For something like a Vegas style show, a set up time of two to three hours should be expected along with a sound check.

Can Drew sing our favorite song?

Drew knows just about every song Elvis has ever done, so singing your favorite song is not a problem as long as there is enough time to add the music tracks to the show.

Can we ask Drew to sing an extra set on the night if the party is able to carry on?

Yes!  Drew always has an extra showcase with him. A price would be discussed before hand. 

Does Drew give out scarves while he is singing?

Absolutely!  Drew is extremely generous when he performs. He gives his all, along with mega scarves, teddy bears and extra souveniers for holidays or special events.

Will Drew sign autographs?

Yes!  Drew has a meet and greet at the end of every show where Drew and The Fascinations will take photos with you and sign autographs. Generally, there are items for sale at the venue, CD's, T-shirts, Posters and photos. Drew will sign anything you might have and stay until everyone is done.

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